Ristorante Pizzeria al Campiello

Ristorante Pizzeria Al Campiello Via Fausta, 369 30013 Cavallino Treporti (VE)

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Tel: +39 041 537 05 55 Tel: 041 537 05 55 Info@alcampiello.it P.IVA::04168100271

The Restaurant/ Pizzeria "Al Campiello" of Cavallino, near Venice, is located in near the middle of the island, on Via Fausta.

We at "Al Campiello" do a lot of seafood research, evolving and refining the Venitian Culinary Art of fine dining mixing the fresh aromas and fresh flavors with ancient traditions. The cuisine of "Al Campiello" is one and stands out amongst the rest.  

We offer a variety of specialties: Hors d’oeuvres of Fish, Gnocchi with shore Crabs, Mixed fried Seafood mixed Salad

Start with a nice Appetizer of fresh fish or shellfish with a medley of fresh vegetables of the season. Fresh soft shelled crabs, tender baby artichoke, a special flower that is battered and deep fried   vegetable garden de de garzia, fried salty aciughete, pessi and pesseti ... And while the risoti of the marshlands, spaghetti with a mix of shellfish, tagliolini with scampi ... For seconds: baked fish, or baked in salt, or from fresh scents of the garden, fried, or grilled ... Finishing off with fresh tarts, baicoli, bussolai and other delicacy desserts of Venice. Life and fame have no meaning without our great selection of wines.

"Al Campiello": a family owned and run Restaurant Pizzeria and is distinguished by combining quality and professionalism, warmth and good prices ... where the guest are treated as if it’s their home.